Budget Plan


Budget Plan

Budget Plan makes winter gas bills easier to pay

If last winter's gas bills were painful, try going on our Budget Plan, starting in August. You will get a set amount to pay each month. This amount stays the same until March, and then is adjusted for actual usage and gas costs. In August, your bill is adjusted again for the new Budget year, and any credit rolls over to future bills or is refunded. Your bills are predictable and easier to pay because they are averaged over 12 months.

You Save. If you have paid late fees or even reconnection fees because you could not pay your winter gas bills, the Budget Plan can save you money.

Start in August for the lowest possible Budget Plan payment. If you start in August, you average your bills over 11 months. If you start later this fall, you are averaging your bills over 10, 9 or 8 months, which means a higher payment every month.

EAP Customers: The Budget Plan does not affect your eligibility for energy assistance. We provide you with a report of your actual monthly costs for EAP eligibility. We may adjust your Budget payment after your energy assistance payment arrives. Using the Budget makes it easier for you to avoid late fees for delayed payment, so it saves you money.

Just Call Us to Sign Up. In order to get on the Budget Plan, simply give us a call at (715) 425-6177 to sign up. We can tell you over the phone what your Plan amount would be. Your Budget Plan payment is based on the average usage at your residence over the prior year. Even new customers qualify for the Plan. We'll estimate your usage based on usage by a prior resident.

Be On Time to Stay on the Plan. It is very important to pay promptly each month if you are on the Budget Plan. If you are late more than twice you will be removed from the plan and your budget balance will need to be paid in full. Our bills are always due on the 25th or just after, and we give you the due date in each newsletter.