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Natural Gas Explosions

Natural gas leaks are capable of explosions once the concentration reaches 4.5% to 14.5%. If you have a natural gas leak, you will be bothered by a very strong, unpleasant smell of mercaptan long before the concentration reaches the explosive range. We add mercaptan to our gas just for this reason. Call and ask us to mail you our safety brochure containing a mercaptan scratch-n-sniff sticker. It's stinky!

Do You Smell Gas Indoors?

Step 1: Leave immediately on foot, taking your pets and neighbors with you! Do not use electric switches, telephones (including cell phones), security systems, or anything that could cause a spark. Do not drive your car out of your garage. A car creates a spark when started.

Step 2: Go to a safe location in a nearby home or building. Then, call 911 and St. Croix Gas - 715?425-6177. We check suspected natural gas leaks at no cost to you.

Step 3: Never try to repair a natural gas leak yourself. Leave all repairs to a trained technician.

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy

When you shop for a new furnace, water heater, boiler, or other equipment, ask your dealer about models that qualify for financial incentives from Focus on Energy.

Want to Improve Your Home

Home Improvements

Hire a Home Performance consultant to evaluate your home and recommend changes that qualify for incentives. Call 800-762-7077 to ask Focus on Energy to refer you to a Home Performance consultant in your area. Home Performance consultants are specially qualified by Focus on Energy for expertise.

Call Before you Dig

Call Before you Dig

Building a deck? Planting a tree? Building a fence? There may be power, gas or communications lines in the path of your project. Hitting them could be dangerous. Before digging on your property or in the right-of-way, call 811 to reach Wisconsin's Diggers Hotline.

AutoPay is FREE

Pay at the last minute, without risking late fees. Let your bank make the payment for you. Sign up for AutoPay and your gas bill payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on the due date, every month. Please call us at 715-425-6177 for more details. This service is FREE.


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